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cafe con libros is a feminist community bookstore catering to folks who are book lovers, coffee aficionados, or both.  we aim to provide space for anyone seeking a community of readers and thinkers and, to spread the love of reading as a source of healing and joy.

cafe con libros will also provide community programming to include a book club, book fairs for children and young adults, prison outreach, and when possible, host local artist.

in solidarity with our community, we wish to open our space for use in collaboration with community members in service of broader, collective endeavors.  beginning 1 august 2018, the cost for the use of the space is $50 for two hours.  this contribution is non-refundable.  in addition, we ask that organizers encourage participants to patronize the community space by purchasing coffee, pastries, and/or books to ensure sustainability for the long-haul.


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"adaptation" by steven mosley: artist talk

Like plants, people have the power to grow, thrive and adapt to their environment. If given the correct amount of light, water, and nutrients; plants will flourish.  The growth and productivity of plants are strongly impacted by their environment. Environmental stress can be detrimental to the life of a plant. Just like plants, humans are deeply affected by the stresses of our habitats. And just like plants, humans have the biological ability to adapt and discover how to thrive despite unfavorable environmental circumstances. 

 Adaptation is an exploration and celebration of humanities kinship with the Earth. We are at a tipping point as climate change adversely effects our environment. Humanity must decide to adapt and change our habits in order to protect life on Earth. Otherwise, we are in danger of losing the conservation provided by our ecosystem. 

 Artist Bio

Steven Mosley is a painter from Hughesville Maryland. He currently lives in Jersey City, NJ where he works as a director and artist. 

His Portraits are narrative snapshots that tell the stories and personal experiences of Blacks in America. Every painting contains a multitude of messages, hidden in visual patterns, mixed media collage and color. 


Social: @OnceLegends

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