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Elliott Smith, Figure 8 Full Album Zip

Elliott Smith, Figure 8 Full Album Zip ===>

This mural in the Silver Lake neighborhood of LA was the recognizable backdrop for the cover of the 2000 Elliott Smith album Figure 8. After becoming a sort of shrine following his death in 2003, with tasteful fan graffiti and notes scrawled on the wall, stupid taggers decided to mess it all up. And no one cared. Enter the impassioned fans, and the subsequent restoration. Read the full story over at Sly Oyster and download a 1997 set from Elliott on Morning Becomes Eclectic. _qoptions= qacct:"p-f4gvJATzCRPPA" ; _qoptions=qacct:"p-52tPwtcDlSoqU",labels:"Music Channel";

While Dave Matthews is the chief songwriter and figurehead for the Dave Matthews Band, even he knows the "Band" part of the equation is what made the group what it is today, as DMB is a tight, eclectic unit of profoundly talented musicians who often elevate Matthews' songs to new heights. LeRoi Holloway Moore was one of the band's founding members and a dynamite saxophonist whose fingerprints are all over DMB'd discography. Yet when he was in an ATV accident in 2008, his healing and re-hospitalizations are what ultimately led to his passing in August of that year. Matthews and Co. were crushed by the news, which is why "Big Whiskey & the GrooGrux King" was designed as a tribute to Moore, as "GrooGrux" was a made-up word to describe the kinetic energy shared among Moore, Tim Reynolds, and Tim Wicks. Although reviews were mixed and the album was a bit more rock-based than jam-based, fans still embraced it, and although the Grammys failed to include Moore on the In Memoriam reel that year, "Big Whiskey" still ended up getting a nomination for Album of the Year.

There are few things linear about The Doors' career arc, and that's largely because Jim Morrison was assuredly not a linear person. Although he died in July 1971, no less than three Doors albums were released after that: 1971's "Other Voices" and 1972's "Full Circle" each featured the other members doing their own songs and vocals without Jim. However, 1978's "An American Prayer" is credited to both Jim Morrison and The Doors as separate entities, as the band simply provides musical accompaniment for Morrison's detailed and sometimes hypersexualized spoken word poetry. Although the music is certainly engaging, there is little harmony between the various tracks, save for a gimme-gimme add-on in the form of live cut "Roadhouse Blues," which reminds us of the power and the chemistry that the band had together when doing songs and not backing a poetry reading. Is it a good full-length record It remains up for debate even to this day. Yet as a rock music curiosity, well, few albums are as curious as this.

While Jeff Buckley's signature song will always be his dramatic rendition of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah," the album that track comes from, 1994's "Grace," had an even bigger impact, with its assured, pop-rock sound and winsome poetry anchored by Buckley's yearning, powerful vocals. Following news of his sudden and tragic drowning in 1997, the music world was shocked, losing such a bright young talent at age 30. Prior to his passing, Buckley was at work on his sophomore effort, to be titled "My Sweetheart the Drunk." Released in 1998, "Sketches from My Sweetheart the Drunk" is aptly titled, presenting a mix of finished or at least close-to-finished studio songs and four-track demos that Buckley was recording on his own. The end result is striking and powerful and showed where Buckley's sound was progressing, with tracks like opener "The Sky Is a Landfill" and the pummeling "Nightmares By the Sea" showing how much more comfortable Buckley was getting with the rock side of his sound, pushing his sonic well outside of balladeer territory. It may be unfinished, but while there have been countless releases of his live shows, studio demos and other ephemera since his passing, "Sketches" sounds a lot like a finished full-length, and goes to show how great a musician Buckley was, even when he was raw and unguarded.


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