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this first part of the bacon-less barbecue competition was really what the food challenge was all about. the season open bar serves up sate, oxtail, crispy-skin barramundi, chicken schnitzel, and for all my american barbecue lovers out there, pulled pork. i went for pulled pork to knock em off their feet.

it's not that i haven't had pulled pork before. actually, when i was in high school, we had a fantastic local bbq place called the orange tree. it is one of those places where you find your friend over one summer and they say "we gotta go there" because it is the best bbq joint in the city. and you are like "ok, i'm in." and you go there with them once a week and it is like a rite of passage that you have to eat there at least once a week.

i used to get a really great pulled pork sandwich over there with sweet coleslaw and a scoop of simple mashed sweet potato. i miss the orange tree. so, on saturday i made pulled pork with sweet coleslaw at home and it is going to be on the menu at kc's minibar in saratoga this friday. i know, it's a long name, but any working title is better than no title.

all of the meat for the barbecue competition was dry rubbed overnight, but one of the competitors was not quite satisfied. their dry rub was missing some of the spices. that was ok though. we had the bacon spices from barrels and bones. and they are perfect for dry rubbed meat.

it's really easy to get those spices on the meat by hand if you have wet hands. i didn't have wet hands, so it was a little trickier. it turned out well though. just a tip to get those spices on the meat. 3d9ccd7d82


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