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Where Can I Buy Microsoft Points Cards

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Retailers can now define the vesting period for each reward point. A vesting period configuration will define the duration from the earn date, after which the reward points would become available to the customers. Unvested points can be viewed in the Unvested points column on the Loyalty cards page. When the customers return some items for which the loyalty points were earned, then by default, the system will deduct the unvested points first and then deduct any balance from the available points. However, you can configure to deduct the available points only instead of deducting from unvested points.

Additionally, retailers can define the maximum loyalty reward point limit per loyalty card. This field can be used to reduce the impact of loyalty fraud. When the maximum award points have been reached, the user cannot earn more points. The retailer can decide to block such cards until they have investigated for potential fraud. If the retailer determines fraud, the retailer can block the loyalty card for the customer and mark the customer as blocked. To do this, set the Block customer for loyalty enrollment property to Yes under All customers on the Commerce FastTab. The blocked customers will not be able to be issued a loyalty card in any of the channels.

If a loyalty card is compromised, a replacement card needs to be generated and the existing points transferred to the new card. The replacement card flow has been simplified in this release. Additionally, customers can gift some or all of their loyalty points to friends and family. When points are transferred, points adjustment entries are created for each loyalty card. The replacement card and transfer balance functionality can be accessed from the Loyalty cards page.

The first step is external to Commerce, such as tweeting about the brand or liking the brand on Facebook. After this activity has been recognized, the retailers can call the above-mentioned Commerce Scale Unit API and award loyalty points in real time. In such scenarios, there is no need for a review step because an activity has occurred and corresponding points should be awarded. However, there are scenarios where the retailer would want to review the records prior to awarding the points. For example, the retailer has set up a workshop in the store for which the customers sign up on the ecommerce website or any other event registering application. However, only the attending customers should earn loyalty points. For such scenarios, in the 10.0 release, we introduced a data entity named Retail loyalty other activity type lines. This data entity enables the retailers to use either Data Import/Export Framework (DIXF) or OData API to record the activities that should award customers with loyalty points. The data entity stores the activities in a journal named Loyalty lines for other activities, which can be used for review and modification purposes. After the data has been reviewed, the IT user can either manually post the activity lines or run a job named Process other activity type for loyalty lines, which will post all the unposted activity lines and award the points to the customers based on the earning rules. In the above scenario, the event registration application would call OData API to send the customer information to Commerce. However, the IT user can post the activity lines for only those customers who attended the workshop and delete the activity lines for the other customers.

Microsoft Points were sold online and through gift cards at retail outlets. In North America, points could only be purchased in 400 point increments. In the United States, the minimum 400 points cost $5 to purchase, 800 cost $10, while 1600 cost $20.[4]

In case you've never heard of it, the Microsoft Rewards program is an amazing way of earning free 'points' that can be redeemed for gift cards, sweepstakes entries and donations, and they're given out very generously!

Some Microsoft Rewards users have been given access to a tria


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