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King Root V3.2

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i sent over kingo root 3.1 (latest version/op version) with apk to fire app on phone. i launched kingo root (not sure if it was launched from within firestopper or from fire tv main menu), dont think that would make much difference but its a variable to consider. i waited for it to reach 90 percent (it sticks at various percentages for a few seconds) once it was on 90 percent i waited a number of seconds, probably around 45 to 50 seconds and held down home/play to restart. once it restarted and as soon as the main fire tv menu loaded (but before firestopper loaded) i launched kingo root again and clicked root. it started off and kicked me out to black screen for a couple seconds then firestopper loaded, i then quickly launched kingo root again this time from within firestopper to find it already on 90 percent. after sitting on 90 percent again for a few seconds it reported root successful. then send over super user. i then restore to defaults the fire tv stick and during the restore process my stick was updated to the newest version (unintentionally). when it finished and loaded up i reinstalled kingo root and without even trying to root again it reported it was already rooted.

even though its very hit or miss whether the app roots any given fire tv stick, it has worked for enough people that its worth trying out yourself if you want to root a fire tv stick running software version or higher. at the very least you should block software updates until more is learned about kingo root and why its working on some devices but not others. you can download the exact version of kingo root that has worked for some from this link here. just know that the trustworthiness of this app is unknown. i would recommend waiting until twrp and a pre-rooted rom is released for the fire tv stick before using kingo root to root your device. with twrp and a rom, you will be able to root with kingo root and then confidently wipe out anything that it may leave behind on your device. 3d9ccd7d82


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