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Salls Spa Game

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Parents need to know that this time-management game is aimed at tween and teen girls but anyone can play. Players build a beauty spa empire, starting with one shop where they help Sally, the proprietor, juggle her customers.

Things can get hectic down at Sally's Spa, a cute tap-and-drag game where the goal is to expand. Make people wait too long for their sauna or facial and they get huffy and walk out. Cater to every whim and attract famous clientele. This game keeps kids on their toes, tapping, dragging, and dropping through 50 levels. The animations are very simple but pretty. It might not be brain surgery, but Sally's Spa is fun.

When a customer is ready to change seats, they will have a colored station appear above their head. When this is the case, simply tap them and they will move to their desired station by themselves, assuming there is at least one unoccupied chair. Sally does not need to walk over and escort them, but she will have to go activate the station until you've purchased the station assistants. Some stations have a sort of minigame (a pop up where you click through options until the customer is happy) that you will have to play to get past, which can increase, decrease, or not affect the amount of hearts above a customer's head. If you select an option that makes the customer unhappy, they will lose a heart. If you choose an option that makes them smile mildly or look neutral, their hearts will not be affected. If you choose an option that makes them smile or wink, they will gain a heart.

The "face" chairs (yellow) will always have a minigame, for face masks and/or eyebrow contouring. Customers will usually want both of these as the levels go on, tying the yellow chairs up for quite awhile if Sally isn't on top of things. This is where I usually got hung up when things were busy, so make sure you're constantly emptying the yellow chairs.

The massage tables (orange) want a massage, which is done by Sally or the massage assistant (unlockable later on in the game). Sometimes the customer will want a hot stone massage, only available from Sally, requiring another minigame where you must swap stones that are in the wrong place on the customer's back. This game is a little confusing at first. The stones always belong in the same place and usually just two will be swapped. You will just want to swap them back into place. Make sure you never move a stone to an incorrect place, even just for a moment, as the minigame will be failed and the customer will lose a heart. If done successfully, the customer will gain a heart. Later on in the levels, sometimes you will have to swap two sets of stones, as all four will be in the wrong place, but early on, you'll only need to swap two, finishing the minigame in one movement. Succeed at this minigame for 50 customers (easily achievable before finishing your Normal playthrough) to unlock:

Each level or so for awhile, you'll be introduced to a new type of customer. Some customers are impatient, some very patient; some low tippers while others tip quite well. The only customer that should give you trouble is the elderly couple. They appear several levels into the game and must do everything together, meaning instead of just one seat open at each station, they will need two, and they will need to be waited on together. Still, the game will tell you this and you'll never be sprung a customer the game hasn't warned you about.

While playing Laguna Beach, you'll be introduced to the Natural Products station. Just pay attention to the need levels Nell gives you at the beginning of each level to choose the products most likely to sell that day. If you choose something that customers are not interested in, she will warn you and give you opportunity to remove it from the shelf before proceeding. This doesn't matter much as far as gameplay goes, and does not affect the Perfect achievement or much else, but go ahead and sell products anyway to work toward:

If you're stocking your Nat


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