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Hi Leanne, what do your older kids listen to I was thinking it might be nice for my 8 year old especially to listen to at bedtime as she loves music and stories. Many of the characters for Tonies seem to be for younger kids Thank you!

Elaine, they love the Calm tonie, and the junior novels (Wimpy Kid and Despicable me are some), and the Discovery cubes. They are all geared towards older kids (although my youngest loves them all, too)

A second work around is simply getting the Tonie Box to the blinking blue light of frustration mode (as in previous paragraph) then you log into the tonibox wifi on your pc or phone. Go to browser then simply enter the wifi credentials of your very close router or hotspot on your spare iphone or android that you will ultimately need to purchase to make the sound box work.

Super frustrated. I have tried to set this thing up for hours and Nothing. I can not find the Tonies wifi on any device and if we did it the thing would not connect. Any ideas if I have a defective box or what I have reached out to the company but have not heard back. 59ce067264


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