cafe con libros
coffee. tea. books. art. community.


we value: family. community. justice. art. transparency. accountability. equity. equality. authenticity. joy. solidarity. earth. the brilliance and possibility of imperfection. love.

we value the people who helped create this and those who help sustain cafe con libros.  our highest intention is to center the needs and personality of the community in such a way that we’re seen as a resource and respite.  the humans who work with us are part of a team and will be regarded as such.  while we do not deny there is hierarchy in the employee and employer relationship, we are committed to working hard to minimize the harmful impact of such relationships by remaining mindful, inclusive, and accountable to our values as well as to the larger brooklyn, new york, and global communities.

as emerging entrepreneurs, we recognize our role in the global commercial market as one that can either be complicit in exploitative practices or rooted in fairness and equality.  therefore, we have committed ourselves to pursuing business endeavors that honors the full worth of our partners.  our coffees and teas are fair traded and pastries are locally baked.

above all, we value the life of all living organism on earth.  we hold human relationships, the role of community, and living as closely to the type of equitable world we wish to create with high esteem.  we cherish the simplicity of genuine conversation, diversity, and love.  we wish to generate and attract the same energy.

finally, we realize that we are a work in progress; continuously becoming.  so, we value growth.  we invite you to remain in community with us; tell us how we can be better.


kqd & rfc.