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Five Reasons I LOVED “The Kiss Quotient” by Helen Hoang

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Please clap between each of these words: “I loved The Kiss Quotient!”

Yes, it's that serious.

As a Black Feminist, I have spent the majority of my reading life with the likes of Toni Morrison, bell hooks, Zora Neal Hurston and Alice Walker. I had no palette for nor interest in romance novels. In fact, I found them to be superficial and irrelevant to my life and times. I mean, who has time to read that foolishness (apparently me now). Yes, quite judgmental and a bit uppity; I’m serious about my book life. The truth is, I am more predisposed to love stories such as “Ceiling and Ifemelu” in “Americanah;"one of my favorite books of all time.

Love stories versus romance, paints the full picture. They're about the challenges and triumphs of ma