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Meet the girl with a big heart and a bigger imagination who grew up to be an innovative international designer in this illuminating nonfiction picture book biography.

Sara Little Turnbull was a curious child. Her creativity and curiosity led her to the world of design, a world of imagining, planning, and making useful—and beautiful—things. She grew up to become an acclaimed innovator whose creative and celebrated design solutions spanned the gamut from housewares and furniture to toys, finger foods, cake mixes, textiles, spacesuits—and to a new medical mask, which inspired the design for the masks we wear today.

Sometimes Sara’s work was a tricky puzzle, and sometimes her ideas did not pan out like she’d planned, but she stuck with it, always hoping her designs would make the world a little bit better.

And…they did!

Lewis, A. | A Curious Mind and a Very Big Heart

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