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This spirited biography introduces young readers to the early life of Florence Baby Flo Mills, an internationally renowned entertainer of the Harlem Renaissance era who began her career as a child.


Straight up: Florence was a remarkable child, and that's a fact.

Pint-sized dynamo Baby Florence Mills sang and danced just about as soon as she could talk and walk. She warbled a tune while her mama did laundry. She strutted through the streets of Washington, D.C. with a high-steppin' cakewalk. Flo's mama and daddy knew they had a budding entertainer in the family, so they entered Florence in a talent contest.


Baby Flo went on to become an international superstar during the Harlem Renaissance -- but first she had to overcome a case of stage fright and discover that winning wasn't everything. Here is the spirited story of that spunky young girl learning to chase her dreams with confidence. A sensation in her time, Baby Flo is back, dancing and singing her way into hearts and history.

Baby Flo

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