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AMAZING AUTHOR: Chanani’s debut graphic novel, Pashmina, received two starred reviews; was reviewed in the New York Times; was a JLG selection, a Chicago Public Library Best Book of 2017, a Texas Maverick Graphic Novel, and a YALSA Top Ten Great Graphic Novel for teens; and has been optioned for a film by Netflix, which Gurinder Chadha (Bend it like Beckham, Blinded by the Light) is set to write and direct.
HEARTFELT CORE: The sweet family relationship and discussions of natural disasters make this fantastical story feel grounded and rooted in truth.
JOYFUL FANTASY SERIES: With bright art, vibrant settings, and a super commercial, kid-friendly premise, this is the start of an exciting new graphic novel series from a talented creator.
TWO FORMATS: Available in hardcover (978-1-4197-5956-7) and paperback (978-1-4197-5957-4).

First in a series,Nidhi Chanani’s Super Boba Café isa sweet and magical middle-grade, full-color graphic novel about a secret teashop, an earthquake-causing monster, and an unforgettable summer.
In the fog-laden hills of San Francisco sits a sleepy independent boba café. Run by Jing Li and guarded by her kitty, Bao, it comfortably fades into the background. But inside the boba café, there’s a secret. Jing is the keeper of the monster of San Francisco. Each day she prepares one giant boba for nine hours to feed it.
When Jing’s granddaughter, Aria, comes to stay with her for the summer, she makes it her mission to turn the café around. Aria is quickly aided by Bao, who gives birth to eight perfect kittens. Aria spreads the news of the boba cat café on social media and overnight it is overrun with excited customers. Each day Nainai Li (Grandma Li) finds reasons to close the café, but the demand only increases.
When she opens, the hill monster is left hungry and small ear

Chanani, N. | Boba Cafe

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