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The stunning life-story of Academy, Tony, and three-time Emmy Award winning actress and trailblazer, Cicely Tyson, that details her incredible six-decade career on and off screen.

Cicely Tyson travels from stage to page to bring the world an unprecedented peek into her closely guarded personal life and the grounding forces of family and faith that have informed her life. Ever humble, Ms. Tyson says, "The greatest gratification has come in refining my craft, not in gazing upon its merits."

Just As I Am is an autobiography from the heart. In three sections-Planted, Rooted, and Bountiful-Ms. Tyson delves into revelatory life lessons from each major role, lessons that are unexpected, profound, and that have helped her navigate per personal and public lives in tandem. From the years spent at her mother's elbow and in the grounding, nurturing pews of her church family to delving into her ancestry with the help of genealogy experts, Ms. Tyson's spirit of curiosity rings true with poetic authenticity.

Just As I Am is Cicely Tyson's personal testimony of how nine decades of experiences-some magnificent, others sorrowful, some on screen, many away from it-that have given birth to the woman she is still becoming.

50-60 photographs throughout.

Just As I Am

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