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Lola is a Dominican-American girl with an adventurous spirit who loves to travel and explore the world. Lola loves to try new things, meet new people, and have lots of fun while doing it! Lola travels to the Dominican Republic and we can't wait to share the rest of her travels with you in the future!

One of the best things about her trip is that Lola gets to visit her beloved family that she only gets to see in the summer. Lola absolutely loves to hang out with her cousins - play in the park, go to the beach, dance with them, and more! Lola's abuela, her grandmother, makes her trip oh so special! It's always a blast when you're around your familia - your family!


Lola loves to go to the beach and during her trip to the island, she makes sure to take a trip to Boca Chica - a typical beach destination when visiting the capital of Santo Domingo. She loves to have fun with her abuela - spending time with her is what makes her feel like she's home. Nothing brings her more joy than seeing her abuela every summer, beaming like the light that she is.


Because the book is written in Spanglish, at the end of the story we have a glossary available with all the Spanish words and their English translations along with the definitions. It's a fun way to start introducing a new language to your life, your child's life, or to anyone whose hands the book may fall in. Aside from the glossary, there is also a page dedicated to the sharing of particular places, foods, and music that are distinctive to the Dominican Republic and referenced throughout the book. On top of it being a fun story, it's also an educational one showcasing our culture through Lola's lens!

The book is an 8.5" x 8.5" hardcover book with 26 pages. The book comes to life with drawings on one side and the text on the other. There are also vibrant spreads in the book, all woven together to tell and show Lola's story in an incredible and magical way. Through the words and the illustrations, you're transported to the island alongside Lola. Whether you're Latinx or of another culture, or if you've had the experience of going to the island or not, Travel Con Lola is about family, and through the beautifully curated words and vibrant and magical illustrations, you will be able to relate to Lola - adults and children alike.

Rios, J. | Travel Con Lola to la República Dominicana

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