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Abdullah city Islamabad is offering ideal investment

Abdullah City is another state of the art dwelling project by Aziz producers on Chakri Road close to Blue World City Islamabad. The endeavor means to give quality assumptions for ordinary solaces and outrageous lifestyle. It offers an arrangement of private and business plots similarly as homestead houses on basic parts plan.

The undertaking is offering expected business properties for lease in Rawalpindi and Rudn Enclave at sensible rents.

Abdullah city offers sensible private and business property similarly as boss farmhouses featuring the latest workplaces. The capable progression plan, first in class accommodations, and reasonable expenses are attracting progressively additional thought from monetary patrons.

Abdullah City features state of the art current development. For certain, an especially stayed aware of a lifestyle is also profitable for families and monetary sponsor something very similar. Society fulfills the solicitations of raised necessity homes in the twin metropolitan networks. The solid town organizing and improvement capacities of Aziz Builders will make it a positive housing project.

Abdullah City Location

The district is a major piece of any housing project, therefore, Abdullah City offers the best region in Rawalpindi. The city is making potential private and business properties available for purchase in Islamabad and Park View City.

It is decisively situated on the notable Ghous-e-Azam road with predictable permission to different spots like:

Ring Road

Motorway M-2

New Islamabad Airport


CPEC course

Abdullah city displays an ideal region with a great deal of scenes incorporated basically. It likes many prime spots of the twin metropolitan regions in closeness. In any case, Chakri Interchange is the most accommodating course to show up at Abdullah City.

Following is the region guide of Abdullah City for better course of action:

Abdullah City Location Map

Hard and fast Land Area

Abdullah City is an extremely gigantic housing project that ranges north of 35,000 Kanal. It has successfully secured a bigger piece of the land district where improvement work is underway, while more land is being purchased for future developments. The speedy improvement pace shows that society will get NOC from RDA soon with possible private and business properties for lease in Islamabad and Kingdom Valley.

Places of interest Surrounding Abdullah City

Abdullah City Islamabad is arranged near various critical places of interest, and you can reach them quickly.

Islamabad International Airport is arranged in a shut region.

More places of interest join Motorway M-2, Ring Road, and Thalian Interchange.

The ideal closeness makes this adventure an optimal spot to live and a phenomenal choice for future theories.

Abdullah City Islamabad Accessibility

Abdullah City gives basic accessibility from and to various famous regions of Rawalpindi/Islamabad:

Lahore-Islamabad M-2 Motorway is just 15-20 minutes from Abdullah City.

Kalma Chowk is 25 minutes drive from society.

It barely requires 5 minutes to show up at Chakri Interchange from Motorway.

Islamabad International Airport is reachable in 35-40 minutes.

Bahria Town is arranged around 1 hour from Abdullah City.

Essential Islamabad and Rawalpindi City are about 40 minutes drive from the area.


Aziz producers are encouraging this astonishing area project. They have wide past exercises and positive information. Generally, Aziz producers give land improvement organizations, town orchestrating, and state affiliation organizations for up to 10 years. They trust liability, on-time project transport, and quality development.

Aziz Builders and Abdullah Marketing have clasped hands in cultivating this infamous endeavor named Abdullah City. The potential gains of Aziz Builders depict the mind blowing inevitable destiny of Abdullah City Islamabad.

The very much organized homes available to be purchased in Islamabad, Abdullah city mirrors their extraordinary lodging techniques.

Abdullah City Development Status

Abdullah City Islamabad is correct now a work underway, but advancement continues at a fast speed all through society. The establishment improvement has entered the last stage. Likewise, the essential gas pipeline foundation is underway.

View the going with pictures to find out concerning the improvement status of Abdullah City Islamabad:

Genuine Status

Abdullah City is an especially organized and facilitated dwelling society. In any case, its NOC is at this point under taking care of by the Rawalpindi Development Authority. As shown by RDA, the overall population comes up against a couple of indictments from Tehsil Municipal Authority (TMA).

Clients should confirm the genuine status of this overall population preceding contributing anything. The leaders of Abdullah City is advancing endeavors to get the NOC and it will be permitted soon.


Abdullah City is an extensive assignment with upscale accommodations and components proposed to the tenants. This overall population means to expand the assumptions for living by giving state of the art features and a present-day structure.

To spread it out doubtlessly, clients will have all of the best workplaces that make it ideal for living and contributing. The arrangement, arranging, and upgrades are according to overall standards. Moreover, best in class help and solid security make it a mind boggling choice for families!

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