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How to Use the Dissertation if It Is in Storage?

To get access to scientific work, you must contact the dean's office or the administration of the university. Next, a memo will be drawn up, which will reflect the following data: the topic of the dissertation, the purpose of study (for which it was required by the student / teacher / graduate student, etc.), information and the “consumer” (name, course, group, specialty, year of graduation and etc.).

Please note that a university (library or archive) may not issue a dissertation with home delivery. So be prepared to work on the material in the reading room. If the administration of the university allows the dissertation to be used outside the educational institution, then the terms of use will be limited. Note that for a delay in submitting a dissertation back to the university, damage or damage to the project, the "user" can be held administrative, civil and even criminal liability.

A student, graduate student or university teacher can safely use not only the paper version of scientific work, but also its electronic version. Often, the university places dissertations in the and other electronic scientific platforms. You can access the portal in the library of the university. To do this, it is enough to contact the library staff with a request to gain access to the electronic resources of the university. Publicly available dissertations can be downloaded or screened.

Where can I find previously defended dissertations outside of the university?

Scientific papers that have successfully passed the stage of protection are included in electronic libraries. You can find them by keywords, direction or research topic on the official portal of the Library of Dissertations. In addition, there are many electronic databases of dissertations. Access to them, unfortunately, is possible only in specialized libraries at the university. They host “closed” dissertation research that cannot be found on the Internet just like that.

Where can you find your research paper?

In the bases of dissertations, you can easily and quickly set up a filter to speed up the search for the necessary information or work. It is enough to indicate the name of the author, the topic or keywords, the year the document was protected (or at least one of the elements), press the "Search" button and in a few seconds/minutes you will see works that meet the specified criteria.

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