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Letters to Home: A Memoir (& Other Stories by an ABC) is a collection of letters and personal essays about a young ABC (American Born Chinese) growing up in New York City.

In this vulnerable memoir, author Janette Wu evokes humor and authenticity to tell stories that range from heartwarming to heartbreaking. While understanding and accepting her identity, she weighs Chinese cultural values alongside the influences of American culture. Her nostalgic stories transport readers back to childhood while simultaneously capturing the struggle of balancing the two lifestyles.

In her attempt to bridge the immigrant transgenerational gap and highlight Asian American heritage, Wu explores how we choose to express love, grapple with life and death, and seek introspection in a redefined perspective on the survival mentality.

Letters to Home speaks to fellow ABCs, children of immigrant families, and those who love daring real-world accounts of today’s generation.

Wu, J. | Letters To Home

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