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Here at Cafe con Libros, we believe reading is more than fundamental.  It is healing, empowering and enriching. 

A good book or even a not-so-good one has the power to shift entire worldviews.  We host book clubs and author events with the hope that the experience opens minds and hearts.  However, more importantly, we aim to create a space where our community dialogue will continue the growth process and build lasting relationships.

If you're interested in partnering on an event, please read our event agreement and

then email our event coordinator with your vision.

Our Feminist Book Club has been meeting since January 2018.  We read only books written by, for and about womxn. 

We are committed to reading at the intersections of identities and strive for our books to represent a rich, colorful array of stories from around the globe. To see what we've read, please visit Feminist Book Club page


We are currently meeting every other month. 

(February, April, June, August, October, December).

The Womxn of Color Book Club held its first meeting in December of 2019.   

This is a dedicated space for Womxn of Color - it is place for us to just be.

Be in our skin. Be in our joy. Be in our pain. And, be in community.

We read books written by, for and about WoC.

To see what we've read, please visit the Womxn of Color Book Club page.

All are welcome. Please simply RSVP.

Upcoming Events.

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