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Feminist Book Club


bell hooks says "Feminism is for Everybody."


We say YES! to that. However, being a Feminist and embodying Feminism is not a one size fits all thing!

It's messy and often contradictory. Yet, it's SO worth it


Our book club brings folx together across difference to read, analyze, and critique Feminist text from an intersectional point of view.  This means, we do not avoid race or racism and the unique ways it impacts womxn and specifically, Black womxn.


We work hard to create a space for learning that centers dialogue, self-reflection, authentic relationship building and laughter.  

We are a diverse Feminist collective who are all about the business of claiming JOY and redefining the world on our own terms!

Join us if you're seeking growth within a loving, diverse, and accountable community! 

We meet every second Sunday of the month via Zoom.  Community is local and global.

We are currently on hiatus for 2023.

Our WoC Book Club is connected to our subscription service. 

Subscribe and never miss a book. 

What We Read in 2023...

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