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It's not unusual to have support from friend and family, but in a big and busy city like New York, feeling support in your community is a rare gem.  Walking into Cafe con Libros for the first time, I did not anticipate that a year later I would have a group of friends, a new hobby, a new outlook. I feel so lucky for the perspectives that are different from my own which I would not have come to know without the Cafe.  Kalima has said "start where you are," which continues to resonate with me, and I suggest everyone start here and grow with us.

Caroline Keegan

For the Love of Journalism...

To all the Media outlets that chose us, THANK YOU!


Beyond media serving our bottom line, when done with integrity, serves the public.

Everyone who has written about Cafe con Libros has helped bring together a community of like-minded folx

where we will feel seen, affirmed and celebrated. 

Your work is important. Your work is urgent. And, your work is democratic. 


We appreciate you.

- team cafe con libros.