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Cafe con Libros, Bk Event Partnership Agreement.


Thank you for agreeing to partner with us on an event. 

This agreement outlines our ideas of what we hope our partnership will look like and accomplish.

Our Philosophy:


We believe author events are a critical part of the bookstore ecosystem.  Hosting events accomplishes many goals including but not limited to bringing community together, unveiling the writing process, celebrating the courage and audacity of authors and platforming books we both believe in.


We see events as a synergetic partnership with each of us playing a role. However, it’s important that we agree the author is primarily responsible for drawing the crowd.  This is especially true for debut authors.  In the absence of name recognition, they’re dependent on family, friends and their online following.  


Cafe con Libros will only support events that are aligned with our mission and values.  We hope, however, can’t guarantee that our choices will resonate with our community. 


This document aims to set boundaries and expectations to ensure our partnership is a success.

Pathways to Partnerships:

  • Book Seller: We're simply onsite to sell books. We are not part of planning, marketing or recruiting for the event. Given the public commuter culture of NYC, we prefer to have the books delivered directly to the space. This includes corporate and private events.

  • Host: We cover the event planning from A-Z. We secure the space. Create social media graphics. Market. In collaboration with the publicist and author, draft a run of show, order books and emcee the event.

  • Book Fairs: With direction, we curate the list of books, arrange for their purchase and sell books at the fair.


Event Space:


The Cafe con Libros, Bk bookstore and coffee shop is ideal for small intimate events.  The space is located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn and comfortably seats 15-20 people.  

We suggest using the space for debut authors without a strong following.  Please note, due to the limited of the bookstore, we do not offer complimentary tickets.  All friends and family must purchase a ticket.


For events larger than 20, we have two additional options:

Brooklyn Wellness Club: Brooklyn, NY.

  • Seats up to 40 comfortably

  • Accessible

  • Afro-Caribbean Owned

Ann’s & Holy Trinity Church: Brooklyn, NY.

  • 75-450+ people

  • Sanctuary Style. Includes a stage.

  • Separate room for events of 0-100

  • Centrally Located

  • Aesthetically Stunning

  • Green room

First Unitarian Society of Brooklyn: Brooklyn, NY.

  • 75-450+ people

  • Sanctuary Style. Includes a stage.

  • Centrally Located

  • Aesthetically Stunning

  • Separate signing room



Cafe con Libros, Bk prefers to bundle tickets (gen adm: $5.00 + the msrp of the featured book).


If preferred, we are willing to offer both bundle and gen admission only tickets.


Only in special circumstances do we offer free tickets in conjunction with general admission and bundled tickets.


We do not offer free tickets for events held in our store.


Tickets and Cancellations:


In the instance the event is scheduled to be in Cafe con Libros, Bk., we require 15 tickets sold; 10 of which must be bundled to move forward.  


You can expect a check in two weeks prior to the event with numbers.  One week prior to the event, you’ll receive another check in with numbers.  Four days prior to the event, if ticket sales have not reached the agreed upon amount, we will cancel the event. 


This policy applies for all events. Half of all tickets of the agreed ticket sales goal must be bundled for the event to continue.



Cafe con Libros, Bk is willing to create all marketing social media assets.  To accomplish this, we will need pictures of the author and conversation partner.


We will also need the social media handles of the author, conversation partner, publisher and imprint.


Our commitment to marketing is as follows:


  • Send to our newsletter at a minimum of  two times.

  • Post on IG stories every 3-5 days.

  • Post on IG grid with the author and conversation partner as collaborators.


We expect the author and conversation partner to:


  • In the case either or both have e-mail list, send the event out on at least two separate occasions

  • Repost IG stories their tagged in

  • Tag CCL in at least two posts which we will repost

  • Accept our collaboration

  • Conduct personal outreach to family, friends, colleagues, etc to attend the event


Event Time and Structure: 


Out of an abundance of respect for our staff and event space partners, it’s important that we hold to the agreed upon time of the event.  


Cafe con Libros will provide the run of show (ROS) 1-2 weeks prior to the event.  The ROS outlines the proposed structure of the event. Event collaborators are free to make adjustments that fit within the agreed upon schedule and respect the boundaries of the space.  Our goal is to finalize the ROS 78 hours prior to the event to give our staff adequate time to adjust. Day of changes must be sent to our event coordinator via text.


In the case a conversation partner is not able to attend, we ask the publisher/publicist to generate 3-5 questions to guide the author in a conversation with the audience.


Book Signing:


We support and even encourage authors to sign books. Given the tight schedule, concerns about COVID and the capacity of our staff, we:


  • Do not allow personalization

  • Build in pre-sign time

  • Pre-flap books 


In most cases, all of the above are non-negotiable.  However, we are open to discussing.

The author must be willing to sign copies of the book for our brick and mortar stock.

Events with an expected attendance of 250+, we ask that the publisher arrange for the books to be signed prior to shipping. 


We are happy to comply with riders within reason.  We reserve the right to decline specific or all aspects of a rider that does not align with our values and/or is not practical.

We encourage you to read and carefully consider this agreement prior to moving forward.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.  


By agreeing to move forward with an event, we assume that you have read and consent to working with us under the established boundaries.  


 - team, cafe con libros, bk.

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