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Brooklyn Defender Services Presents: BDS Reads 

As we begin our racial equity journey at BDS, please select a book from the curated selection of books below. While reading a book will not eradicate racism, systemic issues, or solve any immediate problems, sometimes it is helpful to take care of home first and start with self-reflection. A book is not a substitute for actionable steps to improve BDS, but it is an effort to show that we are ready to take steps in the right direction collectively. 

Lisa recommends reading Dolly Chugh’s book, The Person You Mean to Be: How Good People Fight Bias, so that we may have a common language and understanding from which we can spring our equity work. This book can raise awareness and help us become more conscious of our biases and how those biases manifest and affect those we work with and serve. 


“This book is for and about people of all races, ethnicities, genders, religions, physical and mental abilities, and sexual orientations, good people who believe in building a better workplace and world.”

- Dolly Chugh

A lot of these books listed are my personal favorites (especially Eloquent Rage and Heavy), but if you’re looking for a place to start, Ijeoma Oluo’s So You Want to Talk About Race is an accessible and skillful guide to answer questions about race, affirmative action, microaggressions, and other race-related topics. It gives helpful speaking points and next steps for those who want to do more than talk about race. 

“You have to get over the fear of facing the worst in yourself. You should instead fear unexamined racism. Fear the thought that right now, you could be contributing to the oppression of others and you don't know it. But do not fear those who bring that oppression to light. Do not fear the opportunity to do better.”

-Ijeoma Olou

All of these books can serve as a helpful companion to the racial equity work we’ll begin to do at BDS. Whatever book you choose, I hope you enjoy it, it pushes and challenges you, and you’re forced to consider a new or different perspective. Let’s grow together. 

- Chrishana M. White, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
























To get one free book, plus free shipping…

1.    You have a choice between an Audiobook or a Hard Copy. The links are provided below.
2.    For hard copy: go to your cart and enter the promo code bds20
3.    Click “Add a Note”
4.    Add your full shipping address to the Notes section
5.    In the shipping options drop down, select Cafe con Libros, Bk - 724 Prospect Place
6.    Click “Checkout”
7.    Enter only your BDS-issued email address
The site and confirmation email will tell you that your order is for pick-up, but as long as you followed the instructions above,

your item(s) will be shipped to the address entered in the Notes section.


The books above represent a suggested reading list.  We encourage you to support Cafe con Libros by buying any additional reading material using the link below.



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