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Buy Money Belt Target

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The whole point of a money belt is to keep your valuables safe by being inconspicuous. The only problem is that money belts are the opposite of inconspicuous. The second you put a few bills, and probably your passport inside, you look like a kangaroo.

The other big problem I have with money belts is the lack of basic functionality. A money belt is designed to keep your cash and cards safe, but the way you use them (see above) makes your cash and cards obscenely visible.

An RFID money belt protects its contents from the possibility of thieves scanning the RFID (radio frequency identification) chip on your passport and/or credit cards and therefore stealing your sensitive data. RFID protection can be built-in by using fabrics capable of blocking RFID scanners, or it can come in the form of separate RFID-blocking sleeves. If your belt includes the latter, you must place your cards and passport inside the sleeves before putting them in the belt.

But these days, the way we travel, and the way we access money on the go, have changed. With ATMs available across most of the world, more reliable card and mobile payment networks, and constant connectivity thanks to our smartphones and mobile devices, the idea of a travel money belt may feel a bit antiquated.

You can buy money belts at any Target or Walmart, in the luggage department. For that matter, any department store that sells luggage probably has a travel accessories area that has them. As for converters - I'm guessing you mean plug adapters If your electronics are dual voltage, all you need is an adapter so that your plug fits in their outlets. I wouldn't rely on the hotel to have one. They only have what others have left behind. Adapters are inexpensive - just buy a couple here before you go.

Amazon has cheap adapters (I think I paid less than $4). Mine is good for adapting to several types of plugs. Converters are more expensive but are available. Most electronics (computers, etc) don't need converters but be sure to look. Money belts, as someone said, can be bought at Target in the luggage section.

REI at Southcenter has a lot of small travel bags and accessories and I'm pretty sure they have money-belts and converters. Also, the Bergman Luggage store in Southcenter also has money belts and converters. I think there's also a travel/luggage store at The Landing in Renton, I think they would have money-belts and converters.

Be on guard in train stations, especially upon arrival, when you may be overburdened by luggage and overwhelmed by a new location. A petite bump and a slight nudge getting off the Metro in Paris and...wallet gone. That's exactly what happened to me. Take turns watching the bags with your travel partner. Don't absentmindedly set down a bag while you wait in line; stay in physical contact with your stuff. If you check your luggage, keep the claim ticket or locker key in your money belt; thieves know just where to go if they snare one of these. On the train, and especially on city transit, be hyper-alert at stops, when thieves can dash on and off with your bag.

There probably aren't more thieves in Europe than in the US. We just notice them more because they target tourists. But remember, nearly all crimes suffered by tourists are nonviolent and avoidable. Be aware of the pitfalls of traveling, but relax and have fun. Limit your vulnerability rather than your travels.

Dress them up or dress them down, the key to money belt style is safety. Keeping your belongings safe is always in fashion, and these concealed pouches are tucked away from the grabbing hands of pickpockets to bring you peace of mind while you roam.

If you simply want to carry cash around with you, a small money belt will suffice. But if you want to keep your phone, passport, and any other essentials tucked away, too, opt for one that has different compartments to keep everything separated to make access quick and easy every time you need to use it.

Looking exactly like a regular belt, the Ze


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