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8. The Birthday Bootlegger

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A new boss quells Peter's favorite part about work: office birthdays. Meanwhile, Stewie is put in detention and comes out a ruffian.Tropes: Disney Owns This Trope: Parodied following Disney's real-life buyout of 20th Century Fox; when Stewie has to go to Quahog Elementary School for his first detention, he finds Bart Simpson writing "It is a pleasure to work for the Disney corporation" on the chalkboard repeatedly. Stewie then says, "Oh, that is a load of...", but his voice gets dubbed by Mickey Mouse saying "Truth! A wonderful load of truth!" Serious Business: Peter treats Office Birthdays as this. Shout-Out: Stewie meets a kid in detention who resembles Red in The Shawshank Redemption. Stewie was even released from detention by insulting the teacher in a way that Red told off the parole committee in the movie. O Fat Man, My Fat Man! The scene with Peter and the giant amplifier is from the opening of Back to the Future. When Stewie gets violent with his teddy bear Rupert for not visiting him in detention, he tells him about a kid he met there named Thomas the Shank Engine, saying it's time they met each other. Take That!: With a dash of Self-Deprecation. Peter does a TED talk, but the audience does not attend an account of the giant letters saying Ted 2. Too Dumb to Live: Nothing new for Peter as he blows the whole Birthday Speakeasy by turning up a giant amp at full power. What Happened to the Mouse: No mention is made of what happened to Bert and Sheila. Also, Stewie does not seem to remember Bart Simpson even though he befriended him in The Simpson Guy.

As the one put in charge of office birthdays, Peter actually gets excited about work. But when a new manager takes over, he immediately puts a halt to office birthdays to improve productivity. When Peter pleads to continue them, the humorless manager allows the employees just a couple of minutes to celebrate. The employees try to take the parties underground at the brewery, but Peter's overpowered guitar amplifier gives the game away and he ends up getting fired. However, a show of solidarity from the brewery employees results in the manager having second thoughts, and rehires Peter to celebrate birthdays on a monthly basis.

With the office birthdays reduced to being celebrated only monthly, Peter is disappointed in not getting to perform as often as usual. When Chris reminds Peter that he doesn't need a celebration to perform, this leads to Peter and the family doing a reprise of "June Is Busting Out All Over" with Leslie Uggams leading the song.

We open to the family in the kitchen, except for Peter, for breakfast. When he comes in he asks for jokes from Brian and Chris. Peter is in charge of birthdays at work. He takes this part of the job seriously.

In detention, Stewie is looking for a pacifier and grabs the attention of some of the other students. At work, Peter makes a birthday goofing-off area, kind of like the bars of the 20s in movies. Everything hides easily. Stewie comes out of detention like someone coming out of prison. Stewie is such a drama king, I swear! Peter ends up getting fired for his antics.

Bert and Sheila celebrate their joint birthday party and Peter is tasked with planning the party. Peter throws them a perfect black/white birthday party complete with black and white balloons and steamers and chocolate and vanilla swirl cake and ice cream. The whole birthday party is more or less a recreation of the Black & White Ball of 1966 and Peter even brings back the corpse of Truman Capote on life support for the event and the guy just wheezes out some stupid non-sequiturs and collapses to death onto the ground again. Bert and Sheila are so satisfied with Peter's work on their birthday, that they put him in charge of all office birthday parties.

Peter goes all out with making birthdays at the Pawtucket Brewery simply phenomenal and makes every birthday bash a complete and total blast. He celebrates all of the November birthdays by singing a parodic rendition of "June is Busting Out All Over" with none other than Leslie Uggams. Before long, Peter becomes the life of the party at work and everybody nicknames him "Birthday Fatman" and deem him a workplace great, for his excellence in birthdays.

One day, another one of Peter's birthday extravaganzas is broken up by a stone-cold and humorless man named Preston Lloyd, who introduces himself as the new manager of Pawtucket Brewery. Unlike Bert and Sheila, Preston is not a fan of birthdays and demands that Peter put an end to all fun and celebrations at once. Naturally, Peter is outraged and he goes to Mr. Lloyd's office to complain. Peter begs Mr. Lloyd to bring back office birthdays but he refuses, saying that his goal as manager is to increase productivity and clean up the mess Bert and Sheila's incompetence caused by getting rid of all workplace distractions and ensuring that all employees are to be focused solely on work. Preston also reveals that Bert and Sheila were fired because they were at the United States Capitol on January 6, and that their progressive views were a facade to cover up their fanatical devotion to Donald Trump, expressing his discomfort at having to talk about it because Bert and Sheila have been sending him death threats. Peter still pleads that there needs to be some recognition for birthdays and Mr. Lloyd makes a compromise and decides to help by celebrating the birthdays, himself. All Preston does for this is go on the intercom and read all of the December birthdays off of a clipboard like a robot and divulge exactly two minutes to cake consumption, completely sucking all the fun and excitement out of office birthdays.

Peter and the other employees take the parties underground at the brewery, using an unused office room as their secret base. Peter allows people in if they know the secret password, "Birthday Fatman". Inside the room, is a wicked awesome birthday room with a stage in there, where people can do musical performances. Peter is even able to reunite The Beatles and use his aforementioned ressurection chamber to revive John Lennon and George Harrison from the dead in perfect health so that they can all do a historic live performance of "Hey Jude" and without futher adeu, their performance is cut from the episode, having been copyright stricken by some corporate bigwigs at YouTube.

On the other side of the wall to the secret party room, sits Preston Lloyd in his boss' office, hanging up all of his important stuff on the walls. However, Peter soon blows his cover by plugging in a giant amp and cranking the volume up to the absolute max. Peter blasts the music so loud, that he gets carried across the room in the soundwave and his bodyprint shows up in the wall, knocking all of Preston's belongings off the wall and destroying his office in an ear-piercingly loud boom. In complete and total pissoff, Preston rummages on down to the secret room and busts the birthday scandal wide open. Preston immediately reaches wits end with Peter and fires him on the spot.

Peston Lloyd gives the newly reformed Pawtucket Brewery a very professional and fun-free lecture on productivity. Against Mr. Lloyd's wishes, Peter comes back into the office but he's just coming back in to clear his computer history before the movers take it away. Unfortunately, it's too late for that because the movers have already looked through his computer and noticed how big a fan he is of Asa Akira. Peter begs them to give him a break since work is the only place where he can masturbate anymore. Annoyed with the nonsense, Preston orders Peter out under the threat of calling security on him. As Peter leaves, a the brewery managers gaze upon him longingly, dreading the loss of their falling hero. However, a show of solidarity sweeps the employees, as they all mount their desks and exclaim "Oh, fatman, my fatman." to pay tribute to Peter Griffin. Mr. Lloyd is visibly inflamed by this disorderly display of disaster but realizes then and there, that he has no choice but to give in. Mr. Lloyd chooses to rehire Peter and reimburst office birthdays but only under one condition: this being that birthday celebrations will now be celebrated on a monthly basis rather than a weekly basis. That way, the employees can dedicate more time to improving productivity, while still leaving enough room for having fun.

Welcome to January 17th on the National Day Calendar. Before Prohibition, Bill McCoy used to build yachts for people like the Carnegies and Vanderbilts. But once alcohol became illegal, he moved into another business. Smuggling. He built himself a ship with a motor fast enough to outrun the Coast Guard and with plenty of storage for carrying liquor into the United States. It even had a hidden machine gun just in case he needed to get out of trouble. A lot of the alcohol being served at the time was homemade and not very good. But if you were lucky enough to get your hands on some of the genuine alcohol that Bill smuggled in, then you knew you had the Real McCoy, which is where we got the phrase. National Bootleggers Day is celebrated on the day that Prohibition went into effect. Its also the birthday of legendary bootlegger, Al Capone.

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I really enjoyed it. The one thing I would have liked is more acknowledgement of your career before tobacco picking. For example, no matter what prior occupation you pick for your birthday you are always a factory worker

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