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We're Hiring... (Closed).

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

In just a few weeks, Cafe con Libros (coffee with books), an Intersectional Feminist Bookstore & Coffee Shop in the People's Republic of Brooklyn, will turn three years old!

OH MY GOODNESS! It's surreal. And, humbling.

Photo Credit: Kathryn Davis

When I share the timeline of Cafe con Libros, folx inevitably say "wow, it's like you had two babies within months of one another. Cafe con Libros is your first born." On some levels she is. We have certainly been through all the developmental stages of life: the rough, sleepless and over-the-top in love first year, tremendous burst of growth and chaos of terrible twos and now as we are approaching three, I hear things get better, more interesting and so much fun! Family, I can't wait 'cause 2020 has been a wild and crazy ride!!!

As I reflect on the past three years and look towards the future, I think about all the ways the universe conspired on my greatest behalf to arrive at this moment. I think about all the iterations of the community advisory boards, community members far and wide who took a vested interest in our success, local and national media who used their platform to elevate ours, family and friends who swooned over every win and the way that space grew in meaning when I welcomed Emiliano into the world. THANK YOU! However, most salient is my inner circle who helped to bring Cafe con Libros to where she is today.

Ryan, my Mom and me managing the day-to-day task with my Dad playing a key supportive role: encouraging, listening, pushing and loving me up through it all, were my ride or die team. For most of the life of Cafe con Libros, we were the key lifeline. Our sacrifices have been many; too many to enumerate. In fact, I try not to focus on all that we've lost to allow this baby to thrive. Instead, I've learned to give time time to tell, reveal and heal.

And, time has said "change, shift, evolve or perish." Like any three year old, the 24mth pants are no longer working. We have grown (thanks to you) beyond our current structure and need to respond to the expressed needs of the team, community and most urgently, the untapped potential of Cafe con Libros. The biggest shifts you'll see are 1. making that space entirely intersectional feminist to include the staff and 2. separating the barista role from the bookstore needs. Thanks to your overwhelming support, they're no longer compatible.

While of course, I am excited and ready for the journey ahead, I'm also scared. Along with hiring during a pandemic and all the uncertainty it carries, stretching at the start of the holiday season and incurring additional costs, working with Ryan is all I have known for the past three years. There is a level of comfort and ease that has been critical to me holding onto some sense of balance.

However, growth is never comfortable. And, we often to have to make a choice: stay with what you know or trust what you have learned. I've made mine. It is time for Cafe con Libros to move on, stretch her wings and take flight in a different direction. So before I end and share the job announcement, I would like to publicly thank you, Ryan, for your timeliness, reliability, support and commitment. Owning an intersectional feminist bookstore was not your dream; it was mine. You supported me through it; I appreciate you. I hope your time in the space has been rewarding. I hope you leave changed. And, I pray that you carry the Black Feminist cause forward.

If I may take the liberty to speak on the behalf of the community, we wish you all the luck and grace the universe has to offer as you make this transition. Please know that you're valued and will be missed.

Folx, growth ain't comfortable but like a good massage and a healthy three year old, it can be so reenergizing. We're hiring!!! Please help us find the right team to take Cafe con Libros to the next level. I'm so grateful for you....we are growing!!!! I want to keep shouting it!

We're looking to hire two (preferably) bookish baristas and one intersectional feminist book lover to begin December 15, 2020. Whoa!

love, kqd.

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