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Money Lessons from the First Gen Mentor

Cultura and Cash is a practical and jargon-free money guide to help you tackle your finances as a First Gen Latina. In this valuable book, The First Gen Mentor, Giovanna "Gigi" González, uncovers cultural and systemic barriers First Gen face in their financial journey and provides actionable solutions on how to overcome them. Through storytelling and real-life examples, she'll go into depth and explain best practices for creating a solid financial foundation through emergency funds, credit building, budgeting, debt payoff, and investing.


This book will improve your money mindset and give you the information you need to create financial success on your terms with family in mind. You will learn how to balance family expectations while prioritizing your own financial wellness and that money does not control you and limit you. Instead, it's a powerful self-care tool you use to your advantage to support you and those you care about. Read this book and you will be empowered to take action and start designing a life you love.

Cultura and Cash: Lessons from the First Gen Mentor for Managing Finances and C

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