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Welcome to the Kinfolk Meditation Deck!

Each card has an illustration and a prompt to help guide a daily meditation practice. This deck was designed to be used by children and their caregivers, but anyone can find purpose in these prompts. There are 52 cards, so you can choose a new card each week over the course of a year.

This deck is split up into three key themes: the self, the family, and the world. The meditation prompts are meant to promote a positive self-image, highlight the importance of connections with others, and foster a meaningful relationship with the environment.

Ways to Use the Deck:


  • Pick a card to guide a 5-minute morning meditation with your child or partner.
  • Have your small children pick cards with artwork they like best and describe what they see.
  • Leave them on your coffee table to move beyond “small talk.” 
  • Give the cards to your child’s other caregivers to initiate meaningful conversation.

Kinfolk Meditation Desk

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