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"Prepare to be captivated, moved, and ultimately uplifted by a tale that reminds us that we are stronger than we think.” 
—Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, author and OPI co-founder

“[Karena] shows us how to liberate ourselves from the grip of those experiences that all too often limit our chances to live life to the fullest. This book is . . . truly a gift of love.” 
—Mike Love, lead singer and lyricist of The Beach Boys

"When you open Rise Above the Story, be prepared for a demanding journey. And be open to a fresh and joyful destination.” 
—Richard Celeste, former governor of Ohio and author of In the Heart of It All

What do we do when the pain of the past is too much to bear? When trauma and shame overwhelm us? When we feel empty and worthless despite our success and daily triumphs?

We rise above our story.

Before Karena Kilcoyne was a successful criminal defense attorney, trauma defined her early life. Her mother tried to give her away at birth. Her father went to a federal penitentiary when she was 12, leaving the family poverty-stricken and Karena to care for her siblings and her mentally unstable mother. After her mother died, she adopted her 9-year-old brother and graduated from law school at the age of 24. She fought for the freedom of others while imprisoning herself in self-doubt, depression, and anxiety. Existing only in survival mode, she repeatedly recounted the stories she’d written about herself: that she would never be enough, that she could never be happy.

In Rise Above the Story, Karena shares with raw vulnerability how she rose above her stories of abandonment, worthlessness, and shame. She’ll help you let go of your own past by embracing every beautiful, imperfect piece of yourself—no matter what your story looks like. She’ll teach you how to:

  • Acknowledge your story. Identify the story that’s limiting your life. 
  • Release your story. Discover how your story took over your life by unearthing your repressed fear and shame.
  • Rise above your story. Explore how your hardships can serve you and learn how to finally love yourself unconditionally.

Rising above your story will empower you to live the life of your dreams. Karena’s beautifully simple, yet powerful, formula offers emotional freedom and unfettered joy when you’re ready to embrace the vibrant, worthy, and lovable person you truly are.

Your past doesn’t define you—you do. It’s time to rise above your story and live the authentic life you deserve.

Kilcoyne, K. | Rise Above the Story.

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