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Conflict theory to aid in writing

Types of conflicts according to the number of subjects:

A) one subject of conflict - intrapersonal;

B) two subjects - interpersonal;

C) groups of subjects - intergroup.

Types of conflicts according to the severity of the state:

A) latent - conflict that is unnoticeable: no aggressive actions, no open clashes. But it exists and interferes with life - at least one participant. Most often, PayForEssay these are internal conflicts, but there are also interpersonal conflicts, the participants are just extremely patient and do not want direct confrontation;

B) open - conflicts are obvious and visible.

Types of conflicts according to the method of resolution:

A) violent;

B) non-violent.

Types of conflicts according to their impact:

A) constructive - positive conflicts that lead to an outcome that suits both parties. Such conflicts are useful for speaking out and finally finding common ground.

B) destructive - conflicts that only college essays for sale destroy everything (the world order, society, relationships, a person's personality).

Types of conflicts according to their emotional orientation:

A) dramatic - the bad are stronger, the good are weaker, and therefore constantly lose, and the reader's soul aches for them.

B) tragic - both sides are equal, they are neither bad nor good, they are right in their own way, but someone must be stronger in the end, and one worries for them and for others.

C) pathological - conflict for the sake of conflict, in an empty space, just to show themselves and their strength.

D) artificial - there is no conflict between the parties, but the appearance of it is created - for various reasons (for example, two want to get married, but according to folk traditions should hate each other, swearing in public and throwing vases, but away from prying eyes there is no conflict, there is only love).

E) Comedic - conflict is "for laughs." Two people buy assignment make intrigues of each other, but end up in ridiculous and funny situations from the series "do not dig another hole. At the same time, there may also be no conflict as such.

For example, two friends share a girl: both want her, and the friendship to save her too, but the girl is weightier, so there is a dispute, but also the friendship is such that situations that are not dangerous for life or relations between friends are modeled.

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