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SueñaBig: Dream Big

Updated: Mar 28

As we close out the proverbial "Womxn Herstory Month," I want to share a story with you about the power of and urgency for womxn and specifically, BIWOC to dream big. This is not a blog about writing audacious goals although doing so is one part of what it means to SueñaBig.

Instead, I want to talk about a sort of spiritual resistance and claiming. In a capitalistic world, where our worth is measured by how much we do and amass, I find it more truthful and daring to pursue a dream that is rooted in continuously asking myself what it means to live deeply, honestly, and courageously.


A little over a month ago, my friend, Surendra Bipat, shared an article with me: "Patagonia’s Former C.E.O. Retreats to the Rainforest." As I finished the last paragraph, I sat up filled with a flurry of emotions: familiarity, affirmation, recognition. However, the most vibrant of them all, longing.

The article led me to a familiar place: the seat of my desires. It reminded me of all that want for myself: a life that is fully aligned. A life where there are no attachments; I can let go and still be whole. And, a community where my creative, intellectual, and spiritual energy is welcomed and matched.

Surendra and I were so moved by it all that we abandoned our normal hours-long what's app conversations to have an actual call. There was so much said however, what I remember the most is him saying "I want this for you. You need a more creative community." And, I remember feeling "I want this for me. I need a more creative and aligned community."

That was at or about February 20, 2021. A few days later, I received an email from "We All Grow Latina;" a digital and IRL community of thriving Latina creators, makers, and entrepreneurs who support and uplift each other, inviting me to be part of "SueñaBig Tertulia: Isabel;" the inaugural event of "SueñaBig Tertulias," a partnership with Palante