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SueñaBig: Dream Big

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

As we close out the proverbial "Womxn Herstory Month," I want to share a story with you about the power of and urgency for womxn and specifically, BIWOC to dream big. This is not a blog about writing audacious goals although doing so is one part of what it means to SueñaBig.

Instead, I want to talk about a sort of spiritual resistance and claiming. In a capitalistic world, where our worth is measured by how much we do and amass, I find it more truthful and daring to pursue a dream that is rooted in continuously asking myself what it means to live deeply, honestly, and courageously.


A little over a month ago, my friend, Surendra Bipat, shared an article with me: "Patagonia’s Former C.E.O. Retreats to the Rainforest." As I finished the last paragraph, I sat up filled with a flurry of emotions: familiarity, affirmation, recognition. However, the most vibrant of them all, longing.

The article led me to a familiar place: the seat of my desires. It reminded me of all that want for myself: a life that is fully aligned. A life where there are no attachments; I can let go and still be whole. And, a community where my creative, intellectual, and spiritual energy is welcomed and matched.

Surendra and I were so moved by it all that we abandoned our normal hours-long what's app conversations to have an actual call. There was so much said however, what I remember the most is him saying "I want this for you. You need a more creative community." And, I remember feeling "I want this for me. I need a more creative and aligned community."

That was at or about February 20, 2021. A few days later, I received an email from "We All Grow Latina;" a digital and IRL community of thriving Latina creators, makers, and entrepreneurs who support and uplift each other, inviting me to be part of "SueñaBig Tertulia: Isabel;" the inaugural event of "SueñaBig Tertulias," a partnership with Palante of HBO Max and We All Grow, honoring Isabel Allende.

For the entire month of March, I've been involved in different aspects of the project - fully immersed in a community of Latinx womxn. In random moments, I would be stilled, silenced, and humbled knowing that I manifested this opportunity. Beginning with my obsession with "Jane the Virgin" in 2020; who as you know was obsessed with Isabel Allende, to Surendra and I deep dive, it was a year-long calling to the spirits. When we are aligned and our intentions are honest, every dream whether spoken, written, or simply thought is a conversation with the universe.

While this was a paid partnership; a position I respect and appreciate given BIWOC are too often asked to work for free, the fruits of this project live beyond any monetary value. In fact, I would have done it for free. For me, it represents what it means to live deeply, honestly, and courageously. The partnership signals that I, through deep meditations of Isabel Allende, was able to close the gap between us. And, last night, I shared space with 60 Latinx womxn and among them, three powerful Latinx writers, Yesika Salgado, Arianna Davis, and Kim Guerra. I saw in them a reflection of what I have not always claimed in myself: I am a writer. What price can you put on that? What amount can you attach to spirit?

Mujeres, dream big. Go deeper than the money, the house, the car - that will all come when you get to the seat of your desires. And, if the tangible markers aren't what you want, live powerfully in that. Listen, we have the right to define what an aligned and successful life is. Claim it. Allow a little bit of magic in your life. Magic, spirits, and spirituality allows us to live unconfined and beyond the borders that seek to crush our imagination, innate powers, and value. And remember, to say yes to yourself. Always be on your own side - believe in your worth. You have the power to manifest.

The final exercise of the night was to create a manifesto. I would like to share a piece of mine:

"My dreams are scary yet worthy.

They tell me I am worth living authentically. I tell them I am scared.

Please be patient with me as I move to embrace you."

I wish for you a life guided by the seat of your desires. I wish for US freedom.

always, kqd.

Here are some of the books that have nurtured my spirituality, appreciation of magic, and commitment to betting on myself. You can purchase here: Bookshop or

Arianna Davis is the author of "What Would Frida Do?" Yesika Salgado is the author of several books of poetry: "Corazón," "Tesoro," and "Hermosa."

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