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Edius 6 Portable ((BETTER))


Edius is designed for editing vast amounts of video material, but it can also be used to edit a single scene or one video in a small studio. Just as importantly, Edius is an app that is easy to learn; you can be up and running on your production system in minutes, to get to the sound editing stage. Edius is ultra-fast and reliable for simultaneous editing of multiple video tracks, as well as making basic touch-ups and visual adjustments (e.g. cropping). Edius offers a fully integrated audio mixing environment for precise audio adjustments.

Like many of the other large production editing software packages on the market, Edius Pro 8 is not suited to personal use. That means that, in order to get the best of the application, you will want to make the investment necessary to purchase a license.

An 8 input USB ProRes RAW format feature is available on all the editions of EDIUS Pro 8. The RAW format feature allows for more direct control over images and color attributes than are available from HD formats such as ProRes 422 or ProRes 444.

Edius Pro 8 gives you full control over the text, graphics and audio of your productions. This means you are in complete control of the look and feel of your products. Edius Pro 8 also includes several ways to easily create multiple productions. For example, you can now start a production that can become a sequence or a scene, giving you complete control.

Edius Pro 8 formats All of the support for HD, SD and 4K and all of the Edius video formats are in Edius Pro 8. Any of these formats will support EDIUS Pro 8 edit jobs, even those created with the previous EDIUS version. For example, projects from EDIUS Pro 7 are supported unchanged in EDIUS Pro 8. 3d9ccd7d82


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