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Solution Manual For Renewable And Efficient Electric Power Systems . By Gilbert M. Masters


Solution Manual For Renewable And Efficient Electric Power Systems . By Gilbert M. Masters

Students are able to analyze the energy involved in the production of biogas, the technical characteristics of equipment and operating methods of biogas systems, and can explain the characteristics of biogas systems in relation with environmental issues and energy policy.

Students are able to analyze and optimize the interaction of the components of the energy-systems. They evaluate the influence of the internal, technical and economic aspects of the energy production, transmission, distribution and consumption on the total cost of the energy equation.

Students are able to describe the characteristics of the internal workings of an internal combustion engine and explain the phenomena and the technical operation of the fuel system, compression ratio as well as the ignition process, and are able to critically evaluate and explain the most important energy-related features of the system, as e.g. efficiency and emissions.

Students can explain the characteristics and functionality of the hydraulic systems in a detailed manner and evaluate the requirements for the selection of the individual components in the components and systems of a hydraulic system.

The Energy Systems specialization covers the mechanicalengineering-oriented area of energy systems. Attention is paid to coveringexamples from the entire energy chain as far as possible, from small energyconversion units (Thermal Engineering) to large-scale facilities (SteamGenerators). The modules offered cover both classical (Turbomachines) andregenerative energy systems (Wind Farms). A number of modules deal with energysystems in the mobile sector, such as for cars, airplanes and ships (AirConditioning). The focus is on teaching the system concept because only byconsidering a system as a whole can useful energy be provided efficiently bymeans of conversion from conventional and renewable energy sources. d2c66b5586


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