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Paid Internship: Podcast Intern

Bookish Family,

We hear you! We're listening! And now, we're ready to restart our podcast, "Black, Feminist & Bookish."

Black Feminist & Bookish is a monthly book club discussion from Cafe Con Libros, an Intersectional Feminist Bookstore and Coffee Shop in Brooklyn.

Each month, Kalima DeSuze along with a community member, take a deep dive into the Feminist & Bookish subscription pick. Using an intersectional lens, the peer reflects on pressing themes, key takeaways, and the changing face of Feminism.

Black, Feminist & Bookish began in 2019 with the expressed interest of moving our exclusive book club discussions beyond the group to a wider audience of bookish folx interested in deep dives into Feminist literature. As the host, this podcast has allowed me to further deepen my relationships with book club members, the book, and the art of reading in community. I'm excited to restart this project and from the emails we've received, I believe others will be equally excited.

We are seeking a human who is:

- bookish

- flexible

- creative + critical thinker

- organized

- a team player

- diligent

- patient

- comfortable with imperfection

- believes in our mission

- believer and supporter in the end of all oppressions

The podcast will be recorded virtually once a month using Zoom. Experience with Zoom and editing is strongly preferred. Please send a resume with a one-paragraph explanation of what makes you interested in "Black, Feminist & Bookish."

We look forward to creating something beautiful and impactful with you!

always, kqd.

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Zoom will be used for a monthly virtual recording of the podcast. Editing and Zoom experience are pluses. If you are octordle interested in "Black, Feminist & Bookish," please send a résumé and a brief explanation of why you are passionate about the topic.

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