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To My Asian Sister Comrades, I See You.

Another night besieged by restlessness.

Yesterday, I saw an IG story by my dear friend, Rachael, and my former organizing trainers, aF3irm. I sent the clapping hands up as I thought about the United States' history with Central America. At the moment, I said to myself, "it's a well-worn template this country has lived by." Exhausted by the range of feelings I've had to manage all day, all week, all year, I closed IG and moved to the next task.

It is 1am and I am pulled from sleep. Immediately, my mind goes back to the post. I realize that my body is reliving, regurgitating and, reprocessing every emotion I felt as a 5'2, 110lb, Black, female-identified soldier stationed in 2nd Infantry Division, South Korea.

Before I had the fancy words; xenophobia, fetishization, Anti-Asian sentiment, there was Camp Casey, 1999-2000. My time there was marked by the prescient and persistent possibility of sexualized violence.