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A call to action for all young activists, giving them the information, inspiration, and practical advice they need to get their voices heard.

The world can seem a scary place to live. Worries and fears about our planet and the impact of human behaviors are widely discussed. But you can help! Activists Assemble—Save Your Planet details the major current environmental issues, why they occur, and how they can be resolved. Discover how and why the world is getting hotter, the consequences of deforestation, and the impact of too many vehicles. Become a real-life super hero and help to protect the environment—from quick and easy fixes to changes that could have a long-term global effect. Meet the famous faces leading the way in the worldwide crusade to be more environmentally friendly and take the quiz to find out just how green you truly are... and could be. This is our planet—we can save it!

Hoare, B. | Activists Assemble—Save Your Planet

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