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Sometimes you just feel cranky—and that’s okay.


Cranky Right Now brings a much-needed message to kids: Sometimes we’re all cranky. We’re tired; we’re hungry; we’re just feeling grumpy. Dealing with emotions can be hard. Cranky Right Now is a hilarious ride through the ups and downs of being grumpy, helping kids deal with cranky feelings, frustrating relationships, and things that just make them mad.

Award-winning author Julie Berry talks about reasons kids can feel cranky and how to recognize those feelings and own them. She then gives simple practices for moving through crankiness. She shows that it’s okay to be in a bad mood sometimes—just not to take it out on others—and that cranky days will eventually give way to happy ones.

So put on your cranky boots and get ready for a rip-roaring read! Cranky Right Now is perfect for children, parents, and caregivers who want to learn how to navigate difficult emotions and end up on the other side of cranky.

Berry, J. | Cranky Right Now

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