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A spirited picture book about the plentiful paths a child may one day walk if they dream big, perfect for fans of Emily Winfeild Martin and Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

Today is a triumph. It’s awesome! You’re great!
The things you’ve accomplished are truly first-rate.
Your efforts have made you stand out from the crowd,
So puff out your chest; you deserve to feel proud.

So begins Corey Finkle's energetic and rhythmic text that imagines all of the wonderful things children can grow up to be if they follow their hearts and believe in themselves. Paired with Shelley Couvillion's lush, bright illustrations, Your Future Is Bright is an inspiring celebration of self-confidence, passion, and dedication. It promises to make a fabulous gift for any occasion (especially baby showers, birthdays, and graduation) and will sit perfectly alongside Oh, the Places You'll Go and The Wonderful Things You Will Be in young readers' home libraries.

Finkle, C. | Your Future is Bright

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