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From the creators of Paletero Man—Latin Grammy–winning musician Lucky Diaz and celebrated artist Micah Player—comes a story about a tenacious girl who achieves her wildest dreams with a little help from her community and a broken guitar. 


Strum! Strum! Strum!

Get ready to rock with la guitarrista!


When Canta finds a guitar in the trash, she is one step closer to becoming a rock star! Even though the guitar is broken and she doesn’t know how to play, nothing can stop Canta from achieving her wildest dreams!

Fans of Because and We Will Rock Our Classmates will rock out to this empowering tale of resilience, community, the power of music—and never giving up on your dreams.


The book includes Spanish words and phrases throughout and an author’s note from Lucky Diaz about his inspiration behind the story.

Diaz, L. | La Guitarrista

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