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Bestselling authors adrienne maree brown and Sonya Renee Taylor create an unforgettable and transformational experience of journaling your way into your most authentic self.

This journal (born from the Institute for Radical Permission) will help you claim permission to live your purpose. As you enjoy your journal, go to and hear straight from Sonya & adrienne about how they came to each of the journal’s revelations. Be part of the journey they took to deepen their practice– and watch videos from the many people who inspired them.

Based on the bestselling philosophies of radical self-love, emergent strategy, and pleasure activism, this journal gives you permission to love yourself deeply as you are. Journaling to these prompts will help you surrender to your body’s needs instead of forcing yourself into cramped disciplines. It will encourage you to become awed by the natural beauty of your divine self instead of being rampantly self-critical. It will aid you in embracing your shadows and accepting responsibility for your impact all while liberating you to just be.

This structured journal provides six key practices, with prompts for each practice that center on curiosity, surrender, grace, and satisfaction. The daily prompts for self-inquiry can be used as part of your journey toward healing, or in tandem with the self-paced online learning course at

Brown, A. and Taylor, S. | Journal of Radical Permission

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