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Embark on a heartwarming journey of friendship and adventure in this delightful picture book, where three inseparable friends learn the joys of trying something new.


Join Pipo, Bud, and Kenny, three inseparable little chicken buddies, in an enchanting world where joy knows no bounds. All is happy yet predictable in their world until one day when Pipo's quest for something different leads to an epic battle to unearth a resistant earthworm. Amid the struggle, they discover the beauty of embracing change and diversity in friendship and the magic of trying something new and different.

Promising not just a delightful story but an invaluable lesson on friendship, this book, aimed at children aged 3–6, is intended to engage and educate. Written by a renowned children's author—among other awards, Katarina Macurova has received a Communication Arts Award of Excellence—A Big Juicy Earthworm encapsulates the enchantment of childhood, making it suitable for parents, educators, and those seeking stories that resonate with children. With its captivating story and delightful illustrations, it's a must-read for young audiences, offering valuable lessons on individuality and the enduring power of friendship.

Macurova, K. | A Big Juice Earthworm

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