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A young woman wins the role of a lifetime in a film about a legendary heroine—but the real drama is behind the scenes in this sumptuous historical epic from the author of Mexican Gothic.

1950s Hollywood: Every actress wants to be Salome, the star-making role in a big-budget movie about the legendary woman whose story has inspired artists since ancient times. 

So when the film's mercurial director casts an unknown Mexican ingenue in the lead role, Vera Larios quickly becomes the talk of the town. She's also the object of envy of Nancy Hartley, a bit player whose career has stalled and who will do anything to win the fame she believes she richly deserves.

Two actresses, both determined to make it in Golden Age Hollywood, a city overflowing with gossip, scandal and intrigue, make for a sizzling combination.

But this is the tale of three women, for it is also the story of princess Salome, consumed with desire for the fiery prophet who foretold her stepfather Herod's doom: a woman torn between what duty decrees and the yearning of her heart.

By the time the curtain comes down, there are bound to be tears and tragedy in this sexy Technicolor saga.

Story Locale:Los Angeles, CA 1950s

Moreno-Garcia S. | The Seventh Veil of Salome

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