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Imperfect Environmentalist chronicles how Sheila Morovati founded two nonprofits for reducing environmental waste and offers advice for readers on how they can have a positive impact on the environment in their own lives through small changes that add up.


A practical guide and inspiring story of how one person really can make a difference when it comes to saving the environment.


Sheila was sitting in a restaurant with her family, watching her toddler color using the free crayons handed out with each kid’s menu when the thought occurred to her: What happens to these crayons at the end of each meal? The answer to this question inspired Sheila to embark on a mission to reduce the amount of waste our society produces and to become a leading voice in advocating for the preservation of our planet.

In Imperfect Environmentalist: How to Reduce Waste and Create Change for a Better Planet, Sheila M. Morovati encourages readers to adopt new behaviors and shift their perspectives so that they, too, can make a difference. Readers will follow Sheila on her journey, starting out as an immigrant with limited resources to successfully launching over nine global environmental campaigns. Her innovative solutions to habitual waste have resulted in legislation forcing even the largest companies to embrace sustainability and make changes to benefit the planet. Readers will learn that one person can create a ripple effect for change. If Sheila can do it, then so can you.


Imperfect Environmentalist also dispels the myth that to be considered an environmentalist, one must be all in, or live “zero waste,” to have a meaningful impact on combatting climate change. Small modifications, such as committing to eating eight plant-based meals per week or cutting out plastic utensils, can add up to a large impact. Each chapter shares ten action steps for readers to adopt in their daily lives to become more eco-friendly, resulting in a comprehensive manual of creative tips for eliminating “habits of waste.” By sharing the load, becoming an environmentalist does not need to be intimidating or overwhelming. In sharing her work and tactics for advancing environmental activism, Sheila’s message will motivate all readers to embrace being imperfect environmentalists. Our planet depends on it.

Morovati S. | Imperfect Environmentalist

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