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From the co-author of Watch Us Rise, a rhapsodic mg novel in verse about the drama of growing up recklessly, gloriously, girl.


Beatrice Miller adores her mom and mamaw, the family who give her every bit of wisdom and love they have. But the summer before seventh grade, Bea has more questions than they can answer as she wants more than she has, aches for what she can't have, and wonders what the future will bring.
This novel in verse follows Bea through the ups and downs of seventh grade friendships, puberty, and identity, as she asks: Who am I? Who will I become? And will my outside ever match the way I feel on the inside?

A gorgeous, inter-generational story of Southern women and a girl’s path to growing into her sense of self, Reckless, Glorious, Girl is about riding through the ups, downs, wildness of emotions, and blooming in messy and beautiful ways.

Reckless, Glorious, Girl

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