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What happens when a random hookup turns into the ultimate dilemma?


Rashida Howard has never been a one-night-stand kind of woman, but she has good reason for making an exception with Elliott after meeting him in a bar. Cliché? Yes. Utterly amazing? Absolutely. Regrets? None.


Elliott Quinn is a workaholic. The one night he decides to break his routine, he has an encounter with the woman of his dreams. But no matter how amazing they are together, work will always come first.


Now they're fighting on opposite sides of an ongoing battle between Elliott's company and Rashida's community. It's turning their lives upside down and seriously complicating the chemistry between them. Neither will risk their integrity or their heart...until they uncover the one secret that will change the game entirely.

Gillam, C. | The Hookup Dilemma

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