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A spellbinding new middle grade series crackling with magic and adventure, perfect for fans of StarfellNevermoor and A Pinch of Magic.

I am Spel. Daughter of witches. The only one who can step between worlds. The only one who can save my sister. If I can find her before the witch hunt begins …

Thirteen years ago, magic was banished and the witches were hunted. Sisters Spel and Egg are the daughters of witches, but they grow up in Miss Mouldheel’s School for Wicked Girls with no idea who they really are. Until the day the message arrives telling them to run …

The message sends them to a funeral parlor in a far away village – and their new guardian, the Undertaker, has a secret. Beneath the funeral parlor is a portal to the Other Ways – four worlds that lie parallel to ours. When Egg vanishes through the portal, Spel knows she must try to save her sister. But no one can step between the worlds – or can they?

The first in a new fantasy adventure series with a witchy twist from the author of The Huntress trilogy.

Gore, A. | We Were Witches

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