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The behind-the-scenes story of Alli Webb, founder of the wildly successful company Drybar. Learn from Alli's successes and failures as she navigated the cutthroat world of big business.


You can be raw, real, and messy and still build a successful career and life.

In this entrepreneur's memoir, Alli Webb invites you into her world as a businesswoman, a mother, and a partner, untangling her complicated journey with the wit and humor of a talented storyteller and the authentic wisdom of a woman who's been through it all—all the success and all the chaos.  


When Drybar and its world-famous blowouts took off seemingly overnight, she found herself surrounded by celebrity clients like Zooey Deschanel, Jennifer Garner, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Julia Roberts. She was named to multiple prestigious business lists, published a New York Times bestselling book—all before she turned forty.


But it wasn't until her marriage fell apart, her teenage son entered rehab unexpectedly, and she no longer found meaning in the wildly successful business she had built that Alli realized she was spiraling into deep depression. She'd lost sight of what made her happy in favor of an aimless push to succeed above all. Something had to give.


Piece by piece, Alli began to reinvent her personal and professional life with the goal of accepting her messy truth. She learned how to embrace the honest in lieu of the perfect and realized that most of life happens somewhere in the middle, between the laughter and the tears.

Empowering, insightful, and bravely honest, The Messy Truth will encourage you to find your own unique path to success and to understand its darker side as you learn to embrace the mess of life.

Webb A. | The Messy Truth

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