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A sacred sound healing journey through the restorative power of our own voice: with accompanying audio


Each of us walks with deep, sacred wisdom. Our bodies contain an innate intelligence that knows how to heal, and with guidance, we can learn modalities that allow us to live and thrive in ways we dream about. The Vibration of Grace ushers us to our limitless power by sourcing the inexhaustible presence of sound.

Here, we are taken on an unparalleled guided immersion with vocalist and sound healer gina Breedlove, who has practiced, shared, and lived this wisdom for decades. With beautiful lyrical prose, she shows us how to find our authentic voice and use it for healing and emotional and spiritual growth.

Breedlove’s transformational insights draw on rituals of soul retrieval, vibrational healing, and intention setting, with twelve chapters of instruction on sound rituals, affirmations, and meditation practices that can be done singly, with a partner, or in a group.

These concepts are revealed by the spirit of Grace, the energetic entity that has lovingly supported Breedlove on her path since her childhood. Throughout the work, we are gifted with lessons that “root us in our humanness, centering the self as a place of sanctuary and personal sovereignty. This can give us true freedom—domain over our thoughts, body, words, and actions.”

Now readers everywhere have the chance to learn directly from Breedlove, with The Vibration of Grace.

Breedlove, G. | The Vibration of Grace

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