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Warner Music Group Presents...
Juneteenth Virtual Pop-Up Shop

155 years after the abolition of slavery in the United States, people are still fighting for freedom and equality –

and we stand with them against racism, oppression, and inequity.

Today, as we celebrate this historical landmark of progress, we also look toward the future with hope, unity, and determination. 
To get one free book, plus free shipping…

1.    Add any book(s) to your cart
2.    Go to your cart and enter the promo code wmgjune19
3.    Underneath that, click “Add a Note”
4.    Add your full shipping address to the Notes section
5.    In the shipping options drop down, select Cafe con Libros, Bk - 724 Prospect Place
6.    Click “Checkout”
7.    Enter your WMG-issued email address
The site and confirmation email will tell you that your order is for pick-up, but as long as you followed the instructions above,

you’re item(s) will be shipped to the address you entered in the Notes section.
If a book is listed as Temporarily Out of Stock, you can still add that book to your order.

Many of these are sold-out nationally, but they are on order. It will be shipped to you as soon as it becomes available.

WMG Juneteenth Collection

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