cafe con libros
coffee. tea. books. art. community.


let's collaborate...let's create.

cafe con libros is a feminist community bookstore catering to folks who are book lovers, coffee aficionados, or both.  we aim to provide space for anyone seeking a community of readers and thinkers and, to spread the love of reading as a source of healing and joy.

cafe con libros will also provide community programming to include a book club, book fairs for children and young adults, prison outreach, and when possible, host local artist.

in solidarity with our community, we wish to open our space for use free of charge in service of a broader, collective endeavor.


kqd & rfc.

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Architects of the Flesh: A Poetry Reading

Architects of the Flesh: A Poetry Reading and Book Signing


Amanda J. Bradley, Laurel Radzieski, and Daryl Sznyter use words to create three separate corporeal spaces that become concentric only in terms of the gender on which their narratives rely. Amanda J. Bradley's Queen Kong enters a dialogue with famous feminists throughout history about the manipulations of their bodies, Laurel Radzinski's Red Mother explores a parasite's unrequited love for its female host, and Daryl Sznyter's Synonyms for (OTHER) Bodies is a declaration of self-love despite (or perhaps even because of) the trauma a body can overcome.


Cafe Con Libros Poetry Reading Flyer - Daryl Sznyter - JPG.jpg