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Liberation Work Is Imperfect...

This summer, we received a note from a subscriber sharing their displeasure with the feminist and bookish baby feminist book choices. It was from a Queer Abolitionist Lesbian Family who decided to suspend their subscription. While the note was gentle, supportive, and kind it also levied a heavy critique on our book choices. Admittedly, I took it personally.

It was June, and families received “Love in the Wild” and “I Love Daddy Every Day." The former explores same sex and non-binary relationships in the wild. The latter, is a celebration of racially and ethnically diverse children enjoying quality time with their Dads. In my opinion, together, they represented a balance of representation and inclusion that was both age appropriate and fun. "I Love Daddy Every Day" depicts fathers engaging in nontraditional activities like dress-up with their kids; a nod to more expansive examples of parenting. I felt particularly proud of my choices